About Us


10 years has passed and yet we feel it is a new day every day.

It was early 2000, we started with 2 glass screen PCs and some stationaries. Google was in its first version logo. Facebook was yet to start whereas we listened dial up beeps for 128 kbbs internet in telephone connection. A decade may be a short period in the history of mankind but in technology interface, it looks like we swam from Stone Age to smart phone era. The journey was definitely a roller coaster ride with challenges in technology adaptation, choosing right partners and internal management.

Resources were never enough whereas demands from clients increased amazingly. There used to be questions like- “Should internet be part of my business?” “Meet my hardware & networking guy” used to be common part of interaction.” Today, we are happy that business owners, CEOs & department heads actively participate to discuss their requirements.

Longtail e-media initially started as interactive CD ROM developing company with website as an added value. We used to give free static HTML website with every CD ROM project. We helped client to create content, took photographs, did videography, compiled, programmed in Macromedia flash (Now Adobe flash) and finalized as Auto run Exe CDs. We were lucky enough to bag mega projects of star hotels, INGOs & large scale handicraft industries. With few years, the auto run technology stopped working in MS Windows whereas Mac compatibility issue became prominent. Interactivity capacity of CD ROM slowly evolved with Web 2.0 and introduction of touch media like IPad & smart phones. Hence we kept our focus on interactivity & content development but shifted from CD ROM to web application. Occasionally, we still update our CD ROM projects and feel happy about it.

Content making has always been part of our work. We remember when our clients handed a Vcard & ask-“Can you make a website out of it? It has logo and address.” We used to sit with them for hours asking list of questions, spending time in their working area, interacting with their team and finally understanding their competitive advantage. Not all the clients were easy but we were cooperated by the most of them. Since we were in our early 20s, our clients used to mentor us with their experience as well in various aspects. Vice versa of knowledge transfer has always been part of our business.

There were times when we swelled from team of 3 to 32 and again squeezed to 5. We cannot forget the moments when our partners turned their back and financial hardship hit us for long time. Sudden disappearance of communication by clients was common during time of war. However, we survived, thrined and carved a niche for ourselves. We feel gifted that we have grown strong enough to support clients who are leaders in their own sector. We no more believe in quantity but quality. Every new business is welcome yet we do not miss to care ongoing clients, because we understand how precious they are.

Change is inevitable and we call it evolution. We strive to the platform where business move towards positive transformation. Technology is rapid, so we are. Our purpose is to apply it for strengthening the existence of every client.